Policy Dialogue on Fostering Cooperation in Capacity Development

The CAREC Institute will hold a policy dialogue involving its Governing Council members on the topic of fostering regional cooperation in capacity development on 29 November 2019 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The dialogue aims to highlight the importance of capacity building in the context of the CAREC Program and seek guidance on critical areas of regional cooperation. This will include advice on engaging national capacity building institutions of CAREC members and other relevant partners in these efforts.

The policy dialogue follows in footsteps of two recent knowledge sharing activities: 1) the Silk Road Knowledge Dialogue; and 2) the Knowledge Sharing in Trade Facilitation and Custom Modernization held in Tbilisi, Georgia, in October 2019, where CAREC high-level representatives expressed demand from member countries to increase CAREC-wide human development efforts.

The CAREC Institute’s Governing Council is the highest venue of decision-making for the Institute to shape its efforts on the capacity development front. This dialogue will enable identifying priority interventions that the Institute can undertake. The agenda will focus on innovations, new trends and current strategies on capacity building at the global, regional, and national levels; emerging good practices on capacity development across national borders: examples from other regions and countries; capacity building approaches in the context of the CAREC region; analysis of the challenges that CAREC countries face when pursuing regional cooperation and the role of the CAREC Institute in addressing such challenges and leveraging the national capacity building institutions.

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