Urumqi Declaration

“Under the auspices of the CAREC Institute, participants of the Second CAREC Think Tanks Development Forum 2017, have gathered here in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the PRC, to declare the establishment of the CAREC Think Tanks Network (CTTN), to analyze and effectively provide innovative solutions for promoting economic cooperation by recognizing the importance of developing regional perspectives on emerging issues and challenges facing member countries.


We are convinced that the member countries have a great deal to learn from each other on economic cooperation, development practices, and policy lessons; and in the process, think tanks play a critical role in knowledge sharing. We understand the need for sustained efforts to promote greater interdependence and economic integration among member countries.


While acknowledging the diversity and centrality of the CAREC member countries, we will strive to forge alliances with similar networks around the world for cooperation and learning. By establishing CTTN, we expect to create a smooth and effective knowledge-sharing platform, mechanism, and channel among CAREC member countries to promote regional economic cooperation for an integrated region. By so doing, this will contribute to and specifically address issues that improve efficacy of CAREC goals but will not be limited to it.


We solemnly commit ourselves to make all efforts for sustaining the network activities, including conducting the Annual Think Tank Development Forum, the maintenance of the CTTN secretariat and its website, and the institutional strengthening of member think tanks. We are fully convinced that the CTTN will play an active role in building a more prosperous and stable region living in harmony with itself and with the rest of the world.”