Research Grants

Under the CAREC Think Tanks Network (CTTN), the CAREC Institute has launched the Research Grants Program in May 2019 to support the CTTN scholars and researchers produce targeted knowledge products which would add to the body of knowledge on regional cooperation in CAREC.


Scholars from member think tanks were encouraged to research CAREC integration topics and undertake comparative analysis between (sub) regions to draw lessons for promoting and deepening regional integration among CAREC member countries particularly as anticipated in the CAREC 2030 strategy and stated operational priorities –


  • economic and financial stability
  • trade, tourism, and economic corridors
  • infrastructure and economic connectivity
  • agriculture and water
  • human development


including, where possible, a history of policy interventions and adjustments that have shown limited results, but have the possibility of policy changes, innovations, reversals, and readjustments. Research proposals that had clear cross-border dimension and overt policy prescriptions to promote regional integration, and which showcased comparative perspectives on regional integration efforts to provide policy lessons were given an advantage.


The 2019 research grants have been awarded to five researchers who presented their preliminary findings during the August 2019 Think Tanks Forum in Xian, the PRC:


  • Assessing participation of CAREC countries in global and regional value chains
  • Study of cross-border tourism value chains between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
  • The impact of SPS and quality-related standards on the trade flow between CAREC countries and Georgia
  • Opportunities and challenges for agri-food trade between Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan
  • Building bankable and viable regional cooperation programs based on trust