The governance of the CAREC institute is represented by the council of eleven member country representatives (also called National Focal Points) comprised of high-level government officials from the line ministries designated by their respective governments.
The Governing Council (GC) is vested with the mandate and responsibility to guide, oversee, and supervise the strategic objectives and plans, organizational structure, appointment and dismissal of the management, rules and regulations, annual budget, and audit statements of the Institute.
The chairmanship of the Governing Council is held by the country chairing the CAREC Program, following the system of alphabetical rotation among CAREC member countries. The Governing Council makes decisions on the basis of consensus, and may establish an Advisory Council and committees as it deems necessary (which have been established already in 2018). Currently, under the CAREC Institute Governing Council, there are two committees: Selection and Recruitment Committee, and Budget and Audit Committee.
The 7th Governing Council meeting of December 2017 endorsed the rules of procedure of the Advisory Council to serve as a sounding board and counsel the CAREC Institute on ideas to enhance its strategies and approaches. The first Advisory Council convened in November 2018 in Beijing, the second – in June 2019 in Tashkent.
The CAREC Institute management consists of one Director and two Deputy Directors. The member countries take turns for the position of Director in alphabetical order. The two Deputy Directors are recruited competitively. Deputy Director One (DD1) is selected by the host country, the PRC. Deputy Director Two (DD2) is selected from the CAREC member countries and must hold a different nationality from the Director and DD1. The CAREC Institute has six divisions: Research, Capacity Building, Knowledge Management, Strategic Planning, HR and Finance, and Administration. The staff is recruited from the CAREC member countries competitively on the basis of openness, balance, transparency, and merit.