Enhancing the Quality of Key Economic Indicators

20 May - 25 May 2019; Astana, Kazakhstan

This 6-day Workshop on 2008 System of National Accounts: Enhancing the Quality of Key Economic Indicators was delivered in Nur-Sultan on May 20-25, 2019 jointly with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Around 60 statisticians and national accounts experts from six CAREC countries namely Afghanistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, People’s Republic of China and Turkmenistan attended the workshop where they were provided with comprehensive hands-on training on the compilation of the system of national accounts (SNA) and on the estimation of key economic indicators derived therefrom such as gross domestic product (GDP), real GDP growth and sector-specific gross value added (GVA).

Participants were also given specialized sessions on developing the accounts both in current and constant prices and on the estimation of the balance of non-financial assets. Also, they were trained on the use of input-output (IO) analysis as a tool for statistical and economic analysis in addition to more advanced topic such as the estimation of trade-in-value-added statistics and quantitative analysis of value chains (global, regional and local).

The workshop was participant-centered, in which country lead participants were asked to present sample statistical data to share knowledge and explore ways of further collaboration among the CAREC countries’ statistical institutions and experts.

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